Who Will Die First: Game Of Thrones Season 7 Odds?

Who Will Die First: Game Of Thrones Season 7 Odds?

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Who Will Die First in GOT Season 7

“In the game of thrones a man wins or he dies. There is no middle ground”, according to Cersie Lannister. The show is clearly describing the odds of life and death. “All men must die, but all men must serve first”, says Valar Morghulis.

Will it be applied to all the characters in the show? Here we have summed up some huge names we think will make to the next season, and some of those we are speculating presumably won’t.

Cersie Lannister: Played by Lena Headey

Game Of Thrones Season 7, Cersie Lannister

A current ruler of Westros, Cersie Lannister, whose long-stewing insecurities have reached at the crucial stage where she already has lost her last surviving child. And her resumptions of the power that she always lusted of.

Will Cersie Lannister die?

It is being assumed that Jaime Lannister, Cersie’s sibling and mate, would kill her. But fans as well as we are putting it in last assumptions. But the rumors have that Lena Headey get passed a higher pay package for season 8.

Jon Snow: Played By Kit Harington In Game Of Throneswatch game of thrones season 7 online, jon snow

In the season 6, Jon Snow brought back from the death by a couple of spells, whose true lineage was revealed at the end of season 6.


Will Jon Snow die?

Certainly not. All signs have so far proposed that Jon could end up being a since quite a while ago an equitable rescuer of Westeros, and the legitimate leader of the seven kingdoms. In addition, he’s as of now dead once, and was mystically brought back in the last season. Executing him off again would simply feel shoddy.

Jaime Lannister: Played By Nikolag Coster Waldau

Cersie’s brother and lover, ruling Westeros currently with Cersie. An older brother of Tyrion Lannister.

Will he die? Until season 6 we have summed up from all the incidents that the show will keep Jaime and Cersie both alive till the very last season. Plus, the rumors have that he has already signed on for the season 8.

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Tyrion: Played By Peter Dinklage


Fascinating dwarf and younger son of Lannister, who escaped from the Westeros when accused falsely that he murdered his nephew, who in actual killed his father, and now an advisor to the Daenerys.

Will he die? Tyrion is not a plot-making character similarly as the Daenerys and Jon. He is one of the most loving and complex characters that presumably they want to throw out.

Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi): Played By Emilia Clarke

game of thrones season 7 Online, dragon girl, Daenerys Targaryen

Mother of three Dragons, Targaryen Queen, claiming her place as a rightful heir to the Westeros.

Will she die?

She is also important to the show like Jon, so can’t be just killed off of the show before the final season. Along with her Dragons, she seems to play quite a vital role in the last fight against Night King and his undead armed forces.

Arya Stark: Played By Maisie Williams

Game Of Thrones Season 7 online

Younger tomboy looking Stark’s daughter, who trained by the many faces god to become nameless-faceless assassin in Game Of Thrones.

Will she die? She additionally doesn’t feel like a plot-playing character and will be excessively impolite to just kill her off this season just yet. As far assumed, she once again will meet the Hound for an emotionally satisfying reason. Her journey from tomboyish girl to a faceless, nameless assassin and again to Arya Stark is quite intriguing that she would probably help in saving her surviving family.

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