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Role Of Dragons in Game Of Thrones Season 7

game of thrones season 7 online dragon

Role Of Dragons in Game Of Thrones Season 7 much Bigger & More

Dragon eggs can maintain a spark of life inside them for decades and sometimes even for centuries. However, hatching dragon eggs requires fire and blood magic. It is one of the reasons why dragons symbolize the rebirth of magic.

It is said that they cannot be tamed, not even by their mother and are somewhat picky; they only eat cooked meat.
You must have noticed that the dragons in Game of Thrones are gradually escalating season after season whether be it in their size or efficiency. Those seasons are long gone where dragon’s eggs were used for decoration and bones for weapon crafting. Over the 6 seasons, they have flown, have spit fire and have not really stopped growing.

HBO’S fantasy drama Game of Thrones Season 7 might witness an enormous growth spurt. So, tighten your seat belts to fly with the beasts this season.

game of thrones season 7 online dragons

“When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!”

-Daenerys Targaryen

Here Daenerys is hinting at the havoc that her massive flying reptiles might just create to people who have caused her trouble. So, maybe they will just breathe fire onto their enemies and cook them with the same flame; to remind you, they eat cooked meat.

With their devastating power, Daenerys’s dragons might just burn entire cities to ashes.

She was gifted, three eggs as her wedding gift, out of which 3 dragons miraculously hatched to bring back the unique sound of the lost species and fill the skies of the world with the music of dragons once again.

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