Game Of Thrones Season 7: Who’s Next Whom Cersie Will Burn?

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Who’s Next Whom Cersie Will Burn?

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Who’s Next Whom Cersie Will Burn in Game Of Thrones Season 7?

Well, we all are very still aware on what note Game Of Thrones season 6 ended. Cerise Lannister ablaze the whole Sept of Baelor by wildfire, killing High Sparrow and his worshipers, also includes Margery.

Later, setting King’s Landing on fire in season six, the Mad Queen is all ready to unleash fiercer blaze in season seven.

The first performance of the enthralling scene focused on Cersei Lannister and her singed earth way to deal with annihilating her foes. Later that, spending a large portion of the season helpless before her rivals, Cersei unleashed a plot to annihilate everybody remaining in her way — a plot that included an unholy measure of wildfire, the very combustible fluorescent green liquid that was already used to destroy Stannis Baratheon amid the Battle of the Blackwater, and was practically used to level King’s Landing some time ago at the request of King Aerys.


Theory About Jamie Lanister (Cersie’s brother)

The theory said that Jamie Lannister (Cersie’s brother) was able to stop the Mad King from setting up the King’s Landing into the fiery fire, but he got too late to stop his own sister from doing the same. Before he could take any against actions, Cersie already used the wildfire to burn up the Great Sept of Baelor.

This rowdy fire took so many naïve lives, including the precious ones too: High Sparrow and his representatives, Queen Margaery and her Father. The wildfire was so disturbing that Tommen committed suicide watching King’s Landing all into flames, leaving behind his mother childless. Nothing left comforting her more than the Iron Throne.

As we’re heading to the season 7, Cersie assists as the Queen of Westeros, with a not so large number of army men, at least not more than that of Daenerys and Jon Snow leading respectively. Then again, what Cersei needs in human numbers, she likely gloats in stores of rapidly spreading fire; before his demise, the Mad King had a few reserves of the touchy substance littered, not only underneath the Sept of Baelor, but all through King’s Landing. Furthermore, on the off chance that she runs out? Her crony Maester Qyburn (Anton Lesser) is sufficiently creative. In the event that he can breathe life back into a man, how hard would it be able to be to concoct another bunch of the explosive green stuff?

Who’s in the list of Mad Queen, she’ll burn next?

Right now Daenerys’s dragons are getting all the attention, but we mustn’t forget about the Cersie’s Wildfire acts. Now the question is who’s in the list of Mad Queen, she’ll burn next? Let’s checkout some of the individuals who could meet the Mad Queen’s fire’s wrath in the Game Of Thrones Season 7.

  • The Targaryens

The Mad King, King Aerys, wanted to set the King’s Landing on a wildfire without concerning about his own safety more. That’s because he believed that fire can do him no harm and he is immune to the impact of wildfire, only because of his Targaryen bloodline. He could have been as proved by one of his descendents Prince Aerion, who drank the wildfire believing that the fire will have no impact on him, but he died. But Dany and Jon both have the fire running in their veins. But will they both be endured against wildfire? Legends say no, but Dany’s fireproof actions in the season 1 and season 6 have the odds.

  • King’s Landing

It’s already appealing that Cersie would utilize the wildfire against her foes. And she did use it against High Sparrow and Margaery in the last season. Again, it could be possible that Cersie can put his own city, King’s Landing into fire, killing thousands of innocent lives in an instant using the hidden wildfire under Red Keep, Flee Bottom or any other place in King’s Landing just to threaten the Daenarys with this destructive act of fire. It may turn out to be one of the little advancement that Dany could drop the plan of assault on her greatest enemy.

  • Herself (Cersie Lannister)
  1. Gam of Thrones Season 7, CERSIE LANNISTER

Cersie’s brother Jamie, once murdered the Mad King when he threatened to light up his own people with wildfire. Now, that Cersie, whom he loves the most in the entire love, is going on the same exact way, will Jamie repeat the history by killing Cersie and become the Queenslayer?

  • Tyrion Lannister

It’s now only a matter of time that two siblings will reunite, as Tyrion is heading toward the Westeros with Dany. But we’re expecting this reunion will not be sweet. As Tyrion is accused to poison his nephew, he murdered his father and also finds out about the Cersie’s secret wildfire storage and used it to destroy the Stannis Baratheon fleet. It can be presumed that Cersie would kill her youngest brother for the vengeance.

  • The Undead ArmyGame of thrones season 7

In a world of perfection, it can be possible that Cersie and Dany will shake hands as soon as they meet each other. The Mad Queen will choose to join the Targaryen, Jon Snow and other houses fight against the White Walkers with all the powers, including wildfire that are heading towards the North. Afterwards, Cersie will give up from the Queen’s position and relax on Casterly Rocks and everyone will live happily ever after.

The End!

download AHS
Download AHS

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