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Game of thrones script for season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of thrones Season 7 Script

Hold your horses, do you really want to read the season 7 script? What fun would it be if you would have already read everything and known the plot. People are going crazy over it though, a new cast member accidentally revealed a part of his script which is pretty foul though, and according to what is says our dear Danny, mother of the dragons is going to suffer a bit.  Other than this official something people have only been drooling over fan theories or people claiming to have leaked scripts, we have one of them below in detail.

None of us can just hold for a few more days can we, its just a few more days left but still we are looking out for anything that we can get our hands on. It happens every-time before every season, some random fan theories go viral and people lose their minds all over them, though some points turn out to be true.

Fan theories and scripts based on them

We are just fans and we love to keep ourselves busy and we want to keep believing that our favorite character isnt dead or how they are going to turn out. When Ned stark died in the first season we didnt want to believe it but we had to, than Robb Stark died but after that people started claiming that the brotherhood might bring him back but those hopes went in vain. But by far, this is the season which has gained the utter most popularity, people want to know what happened to their beloved Jon, how did Cersei get her revenge, what happened to Arya and many more.

Game Of Thrones Season 7

One of the theories that ran was that Melisandra the red witch is going to resurrect Jon Snow with her black magic and will bring him back to life. The theory in-distinctively claims Jon Snow to be the next Azor Ahai- the warrior of light. This theory is based on another theory which states that Jon has targaryen blood in him, claiming that Jon is the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, adding fuel to the smoke and salt theory. Anything that keeps Jon Snow alive. There are a few more theories stating Tyrion as of dragon blood, jammie dying in another red wedding, cersei being killed by Tommen and more, but its fir us to see that which one prevails.

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